Baxter Fellowship in Litigation

Honorable Judge Lee D. Baxter


Each year one or two outstanding students in Litigation are selected to be the Judge Lee D. Baxter Graduate Fellows in Litigation in a post-graduate fellowship position. The Baxter Fellows serve as valuable members of the GGU Litigation Center, working with the Director of the Litigation Center and other litigation professors to ensure the students at GGU receive the best litigation education they can.

The Baxter Fellows assist in teaching the trial advocacy, advanced trial advocacy and mock trial courses, coaching the mock trial competition teams, and are available to students for one-on-one help as they go through litigation courses at GGU.

The fellowship was made possible by a generous gift to the law school by retired San Francisco Superior Court Judge Lee D. Baxter. Judge Lee Baxter is an alumna of GGU and served as a Court Commissioner, then as a Municipal Court Judge, and finally as a Judge of the Superior Court of San Francisco. Now retired, Judge Baxter is a member of the Board of Trustees of Golden Gate University.


Applications are available each spring semester. For more information email​

Welcome the 2018-19 Baxter Fellow in Litigation

Ashley Lotti

Ashley Lotti has been selected as the 2018/2019 Baxter Fellow in Litigation and will start in her new position in August. Ashley just graduated from GGU Law in May and is currently studying for the California Bar Exam. While a student at GGU, Ashley ingrained herself in the Litigation Center and provided valuable help and insight over the past three years, helping the Litigation Center provide the best quality education it can to our students interested in a career in litigation.

Ashley served on the board of the student organization The Society of Litigators for three years, acting as president in her third year of service on that board. She also served on the board for thePride Law student organization, the Criminal Law Society student group, as well as Phi Alpha Delta. Ashley has also volunteered to lend a hand three years running for In Vino Veritas, playing an integral role last fall.

Ashley also worked in the Veteran’s Legal Advocacy Clinic and interned as a law clerk at the Law Offices of Peter L. Balogh during her time here at GGU. She is alum of the 1st STEP program (class of 2016) and represented GGU at four different mock trial competitions throughout the country. The Litigation Center welcomes Ashley Lotti as the 2018/2019 Baxter Fellow in Litigation.

"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants."
Sir Isaac Newton

Past Baxter Fellows

1995-Kleigh Hathaway

1996-Brian Soriano

1997-Sal Gallardo

2001-Kristine Ward

2002-Lizel Cerezo

2003-Julie Beil

2004-Aicha Mievis

2005-Brian Williamson

2006-Bryna Holland
Kimberly Cazinha

2007-Paula Rasmussen

2008-Emily Fowler
Catherine Wollard

2009-Caroline McCormick

2010-Samuel Luzadas
Erik Knuppel

2011-Brandon Schantz
Christopher T. Erickson

2012-Julia Levitskaia
Dan Dressman

2013-Blair Pickus
Katya Salganick

2014-Jaclyn Merkis
Brent Kling

2015-Erik Faussner
Lori Mullins

2016-Salayha Ghoury​

2017-Dustin Cameron
Erica Chu

2018-Zach Porter
Ashley Lotti

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