Bernie Segal 1L Cross & Close Competition

The Bernie Segal 1L Cross and Close Competition is held every year in January at the beginning of the Spring Semester. The competition is open to all 1L students at GGU. During the Fall semester, the student organization, Society of Litigators, hosts Lunchtime Litigation Series Workshops every Wednesday to introduce 1L students to the skills they will need to bring to the competition, such as: how to conduct an effective cross examination, refreshing and impeaching witnesses, and strategies to deliver a memorable closing argument. Generally, participants in Cross and Close are 1L students who may be vying for admission into the Summer Trial and Evidence Program (STEP), want to put themselves on the Litigation Center’s radar as a candidate for membership on the National Trial Team, or are just passionate about litigation and looking for an opportunity to test their skills in the courtroom.

The Cross and Close fact pattern is released on a Sunday night. In five short days, by Friday, each team must be prepared to deliver both a cross examination and a closing argument to win their case in 15 minutes total. A coin flip at the beginning of the first round will determine which team member is performing what task for the preliminary round (who crosses first, who closes first), so both teammates must be prepared to play either role. The competition has historically been as small as 10 teams and as large as 20 teams of two. Only four teams move on to the second and final round, where the teammates will switch roles and have one last chance to cross, close, and out-score the other team in 15 minutes. The Final Four round is open to the public, so classmates, professors, friends, and family are welcome to come see their loved one take on the competition.


Unfortunately, the competition was cancelled this year due to COVID. We look forward to the competition’s return in 2023!

Final Round Awards

                      Piper Wheeler                                              Nick Kimura                                      Christina Robinson                                          Ryan Greene

  • 1st Place – Piper Wheeler & Nick Kimura
  • 2nd Place – Christina Robinson & Ryan Greene
  • Best Cross – Piper Wheeler
  • Best Close – Christina Robinson
  • Best Teamwork – Monique Ramirez & Jonathan Ibarra Paz
  • Professionalism – Gwendolyn West & Jacob Slobodien

Finalists (unranked)

  • Christina Robinson & Ryan Greene
  • Piper Wheeler & Nick Kimura

Preliminary Round Awards

  • Best Cross – Piper Wheeler
  • Best Close – Christina Robinson

Final Round Awards

                                         Kourtney Speer & Amye Osakue                                                                             Nathan Nelson & Matthew Peluso                                   

  • 1st Place – Kourtney Speer & Amye Osakue
  • 2nd Place – Nathan Nelson & Matthew Peluso
  • Best Cross – Amye Osakue
  • Best Close – Vidhi Bhatia
  • Professionalism – Danielle Edinboro
  • Best Teamwork – Xavier Torres de Janon & Jose Padron-Lemus
  • Best Theme – Xavier Torres de Janon & Jose Padron-Lemus

Finalists (Unranked)

  • Nathan Nelson & Matthew Peluso
  • Kourtney Speer & Amye Osakue
  • David Kempen & Rebekah Didlake
  • Vidhi Bhatia & Mahtab Hajibabaei

Preliminary Round Awards

  • Best Cross – Kourtney Speer
  • Best Close – Mahtab Hajibabaei

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