Golden Griffin Challenge

2022 Golden Griffin Winners
Esra Coskun-Crabtree & Gwendolyn West

2021 Golden Griffin Winners
Monique Ramirez & Piper Wheeler
2020 Golden Griffin Winners
Christina Stout & Yzabel Tinga
2019 Golden Griffin Winners
Katelyn Bourdo & Olivia Wheat
2018 Golden Griffin Winners
Janelle Goulart & Emily Johnson

golden griffin challenge: TBD

The Application Form can be found on the “GGU Litigation Center” TWEN page. Applications to compete must be received by the first week of semester instruction. The Sign-Up Sheet for the 2022 Golden Griffin Challenge will be posted on the Litigation Center TWEN page closer to the start of the Fall semester. The first place champions will be awarded $500!
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The Golden Griffin Challenge (GGC) is an intraschool, upper-division only, truncated mock trial competition featuring student advocate teams of two conducting a cross examination and presenting a closing argument. Teams have a total of 10 minutes to present both a succinct cross examination and a compelling closing argument. The field is limited to 20 teams and the competition features a preliminary round and a final round.

During the preliminary round each team presents their case once. The field is then cut to 4 teams for the final round and the advocates switch roles. The GGC competition is open to all upper-division GGU Law students. Evidence (LAW 804) is the only prerequisite to compete and we encourage a fun and supportive environment for our student advocates. The GGC is held in the fall (typically during the first or second week of classes) and students can begin signing up in July. 


The Litigation Center at GGU utilizes the GGC as the vehicle by which GGU Law students try out to become a member of GGU’s National Trial Team. When students accept an invitation to the National Trial Team they are on the team for the entire academic year. The Litigation Center then fields various regional and national mock trial competition teams throughout the academic year with students from the National Trial Team who are interested and available to compete during a given term (fall or spring). There are no tryouts for the National Trial Team in the spring term.

You must sign up and compete in the GGC in the fall if you want to compete on a mock trial team at GGU in the fall or spring term.

LAW 899G (Competition: Mock Trial) and LAW 899J (Competition: Advanced Mock Trial) are two unit courses that students are registered for when they elect to compete on a mock trial team at GGU (note: students do have the option to compete on a mock trial team without registering for LAW 899G or LAW 899J for units). The Litigation Center Director, Professor Rachel Brockl, provides the registrar’s office a list of National Trial Team members who intend to register for either LAW 899G or LAW 899J for the given term.

Students cannot register for LAW 899G or LAW 899J on their own.

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