What is 1st STEP?

The Honors Summer Trial and Evidence Program (1st STEP) an integrated summer litigation curriculum for students who just completed their first year of law school. Experienced faculty and practitioners lead 1st STEP students in advanced trial advocacy training at the earliest opportunity in their legal studies. This selective and innovative 10-week summer program offers a series of integrated evidence, trial advocacy, and motions courses specifically designed to improve your litigation and presentation skills. The program includes three uniquely designed Litigation Center courses, Evidence in the Courtroom, Presentation and Persuasion, and a new Brief Writing and Motions Advocacy course. The specialized litigation training program offers 11-units during the summer session, giving students greater freedom and a competitive advantage to participate in full-time employment, GGU’s National Trial Team, moot court competitions, GGU’s on-site clinics, externship and internship programs during the upcoming fall semester.

What Our Students Are Saying

Program Highlights

  • Learn from a cadre of seasoned trial lawyers
  • Receive support from program alum
  • On your feet on day one
  • Try an entire case after only one week
  • Integrate the rules of evidence at trial as you learn them
  • Learn how to break down a case file and work up a case theory and succinct theme
  • Begin crafting your advocacy personality
  • Learn how to construct effective witness examinations
  • Develop tools for dealing with difficult witnesses
  • Guest lectures from top Bay Area trial lawyers

Eligibility Requirements

Current 1L students are eligible and invited to apply for admission. Part-time evening students in their second year at GGU are also welcome to apply, but should be reminded that this program runs during the day throughout the summer. All eligible students are encouraged to apply. All 1st STEP applicants must maintain a minimum 2.5 required course GPA to gain acceptance. The criteria for selection to the program are: a) Demonstrated success in law school; b) Interest and enthusiasm for advocacy training (including participation in In Vino Veritas, 1L Cross and Close Competition, and other Litigation Center events/lectures); and c) Ability to perform successfully in a professional setting.

Specializing in Practical Trial Skills

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Points of Contact


Interim Director of the Litigation Program

  • 415-369-5212
  • rbrockl@ggu.edu


Litigation Center Baxter Fellow

  • 415-369-5213
  • baxterfellow@ggu.edu